It'd be cute if they gave out little stickers like at voting booths- I've done my civic duty, by editing a couple of IF wiki pages! It's actually a pretty long process- which does explain why so many games have empty pages or dead links: I read through the style guide and decided that it'd make the most sense for me to populate the one game link someone had already pointed towards, and a page for the one game of mine that's been featured in an online magazine outside of the IF community. That was after brushing up the links on the NeoInteractive girls' pages, to add their personal sites and accounts for their games!

Trying things out that I have no experience in gives me a greater appreciation for the effort that takes into learning and mastering that particular skill. Definitely had that experience with editing the wiki- there's some particular syntax that I cribbed by examining a similarly purposed page under edit mode, and while I was a bit clumsy at the start, once I figured out where the genre icons were, how to actually fill out the media options, and so forth, I'd probably be faster at it the second go around. Also plopped in a bit of a blurb for my user page with a re-direct to the main page on me.

It's still kind of surreal that that's even a thing. Also, put in the rest of my IF titles on my page- since a few had been missed (though I left off the purely poem Bitsys, and just including the one that is more of a kinetic/linear narrative story.) That really kind of put it into perspective just how many games I've made these last two years... Mostly short ones, of course, but it's still neat to see.

Anyways, it seems like the kind of thing that Dan would approve of. He's taken a step back from things for a short while, (I appreciate that he reached out to let us know ahead of time in the NeoInteractives Discord, or else I definitely would have worried and reached out to check that he was still alive, all things considered) but he's pretty big on community minded things like the collaborative wiki.

Figured it was a nice gesture, and- well, it won't exist if we don't help contribute towards it. It's been nice to see more of a push on the forum for people to join on. Some of the competition badges are so old... And that sorting system with having the 'How it Begins' tag searchable with the default text is clever.

Anyway- got my first little taste of wiki editing. Probably not going to become a major hobby of mine, per se- but I might toss up a page here or there, now and then. And something's better than nothing. Mousesnacks, as we might say...